August 13th, 2008


I don't get the IOC - Women's Gymnastics

So probably 2 of the women/girls/children on the Chinese gymnastics team are 14, when you have to be 16 this year to compete. The New York Times has proven their ages are 14.

The reason this is a very big deal is that it's cheating, much like doping due to the drastic advantages a much younger gymnast has, and yet they are not thrown out like those caught doping.

It's cheating because younger girls are more flexible, can do difficult things much easier, and aren't psyched out by the pressure because they don't realize what a big thing it is. So having kids 2 years younger than everyone else is like doping to win.

The Karolis (however you spell their last name) have a right to be upset. So do every other gymnastic team. However, the US doesn't deserve the gold.

The IOC fails in this part of making the competition fair.