July 11th, 2008


Poko's swollen monster front paws :(

Poko got out today when Princess wanted to get out the house and hobble around a bit.  With a badly sprained ankle she couldn't catch him.  I saw him waiting by the front door when I got home from work and let him in.

Just  a few minutes ago he jumped up on the counter and I noticed his two front paws were 4-5 times normal size.  The left one is bigger than the right.  I wonder if some neighbor slammed a door on his front paws.  He is  a very curious cat and would have wandered into a house or garage to get out of the heat.

So his paws are gigantic but he is walking without  a limp,can jump.  I don't think he has broken bones because of that.  I wonder if swelling would go down on it's own without an infection, or should I take him to the vet tomorrow?

I'm pretty sure I know what neighbor took out her agression on my cat.