June 30th, 2008


R.I.P. Rusty 2008 - 2008

We lost Rusty tonight. 

I didn't come home for lunch as Princess was going over to play at a friend's and I had a conference call.  I got home at 6pm and checked on the kittens.  Rusty, the runt of the litter we've been worried about for days, was limp laying stretched out with his head tilted back.  He was completely limp when I picked him up.  He was still breathing though.  I gave him kitten milk replacement.  I cried.  I begged to not let him die.  He died in my arms. 

I tried so hard to save him.  I called the Humane Society but didn't have an emergency number.  I looked through the phone book for every surrounding city till I found the name of the vet, but I still wasn't sure it was her.  It was.  I drove 20 minutes to her house in the country.  She said he was long gone.  I think when he arched his head and gave a long sigh was when he probably died.  I was sobbing.  I'm still tearing up and just really sad.  I hope we don't lose any of the others. 

He was twice as small as the biggest kitten.  I worried about him so much.  He had a bad eye infection and I gave him medicine several times a day till it was cleared up.  He slept a lot, but did eat.  He was fine this morning curled up sleeping so I was just shocked when I came home from work.  The vet said when kittens are sick they can go fast.  She said he was really sick.  Do they look at these kittens before they send them to a foster home?  We cared so much, we worked so hard to clean up his eye infection which apparently was a bad cold.  He never coughed. 

We miss you Rusty.  Gold and white and so small.