June 26th, 2008


Itty bitty kitty committee

We are fostering a mom and 5 kittens for the Humane Society.  They had 4 sets of moms/kittens come in so I decided this time I needed to help out.  I'm sure it will go much better than last time and we won't all get ringworm!

We're worried about the runt of the litter as he's less than half as big as the biggest kitten, he sleeps all the time, and he's got matting around his eyes.

Princess is absolutely loving it.  The mom and kittens are in her room in a big enclosure but she can open it and let them all out in her room with her bedroom door closed of course.  Poko tried to sneak in earlier and Momcat ran so fast to attack him it was freaky.  She's skin and bones too.  They need some TLC and Princess and her friends are just the ones to do it.