April 28th, 2008


Front half found

I found the front half of the rabbit today. Thankfully outside and not in. Oreo again was using it as a toy.

The neighborhood kids cannot read English. They are ignoring my No Trespassing sign on my back gate, are untying the cable hooks and walking through my backyard. I have talked to them, my mother has talked to them. I caught one kid today untying the cables.

I cannot believe this! I have dead grass in a path in my backyard. I'm on the only one on the entire block that has an opening from the front to the back. Except for my gate of course. Otherwise the entire street, two blocks of apartments/townhouses are all enclosed by fences. You walk way around to get behind the houses. Or cut through my backyard since one section of fence blew away.

I think my only solution is to go crazy like my next door neighbor and call the police, or buy wood and nail up the opening. I can't afford to get a carpenter to build the fence up. I have left over cedar lining but I don't think it's long enough.

I hope I can find non-expensive long wide boards to nail up or screw into the rest of the fence. Stupid kids.