February 3rd, 2008


Space Shuttle UFO footage

Ok here's some more info on the UFO theme. I watched History channel all night last night, they had several UFO shows. Here's video from the space shuttle that is really quite interesting. There is commentary too. If it won't embed then go to here to watch it. The first part shows items coming together to form a circle and light up in sequences. The second part shows items zooming from all over to hover over lighting strikes in thunderstorms. The Space Shuttle cameraman zooms back in on the stationary items hovering over the thunderstorms near the end.


I think this one is definitve proof

In this one you'll see an item just lazily moving over the Earth and suddenly zoom extremely fast off to the side. A second later you'll see why it shot away as it really looks like something was launched from Earth at the item. I've seen this before with commentary but cannot find it now. This is really what I think is undeniable proof of things hanging out around Earth. What do you think?