January 22nd, 2008




cnn.com articles. I can't believe this. I just can't believe it. I love Heath. His latest movie where he played the Joker isn't even out yet! He was incredible in all his movies. I still love him in the Knight's Tale.


I just can't believe this.

RIP Heath Ledger

I still am so shocked by this. And I'm not alone either. It seems this death has hit so many on LJ hard. If it was a suicide, I just wish Heath could see how shocked we all are and how much we cared for him.

He was on my list of five.

I am so shocked. He was such a talented actor. My heart goes out to Michelle who left him in September so he could get his act together. I am just finding out today that he was addicted to heroin and Michelle leaving him really threw him. My heart goes out to his young daughter too.